Wordpress plugin installation manual

At the Thumbnailr project we developed a small plugin for Wordpress (which will likely grow in the future).

The plugin adds a "Recent image" widget to your Wordpress installation. This widget shows the recent images of your Thumbnailr site. How many images it shows can be specified using the widget options.

Installation of the plugin is quite easy, simply search for the "Thumbnailr" plugin, install and activate the plugin.

Next you need to connect your Wordpress with your Thumbnailr site:

  1. First go to your Thumbnailr dashboard > "Site settings" > "Api" tab and make sure "Api enabled" is checked.
  2. Copy (or write down) the "Api key" to for example notepad.
  3. Next go to your Wordpress dashboard > Settings > Thumbnailr.
  4. Enter the api key (from step 2) in the "Thumbnailr api key" field.
  5. Enter your Thumbnailr account information in the "Email address" and "Password" field.
  6. Finally press the "Connect with Thumbnailr" button to connect your Wordpress to your Thumbnailr site.

Now that that is done simply go to "Appearance" > "Widgets" (in your Wordpress dashboard and drag & drop the "Recent images" widget to a active sidebar/footer.

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