New award rules types and fine tuning

Tinus 45 pts

New award rules types and fine tuning
A new day a new update:
* New award rule types: first image repost, first like, first suggested image, validate account email.
* Added "create site" link to "sites" widget in Overview section of dashboard.
* After reposting a image you can now click button to go to the copied image.
* The "suggest image" button now also appears when not logged in.
* Added extra check to see if current user is allowed to view the detail page of a suggested image.
* When signing in with a user account from another site the copy account message now has a button instead of a not very clear link.
* You can now "like a site" (see Style section > Global >
Header > "Show like button".
* The recent comment widget now filters out duplicates.
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Tinus 45 pts

RE: New award rules types and fine tuning
Most special awards can be viewed here:

Note that you can create custom awards based on user points.
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