Refuegee looking for a new NSFW Home

Refuegee looking for a new NSFW Home
First off is NSFW content allowed?

And also, I have a variety of questions and concerns regarding TOS soncsidering most sites like newtumbl and bdsmlr have too many gray areas and are unclear.

Regarding the TOS, as far as I was able to tell on most free sites the TOS doesn't mention rules against bestiality/zoophilia in terms of hentai aka fictional drawings. A great example of this is Pokemon hentai and the classic hentai trope of tentacles from octopuses

Nor does the TOS explicitly detail rules against lolicon in which some hentai drawings are drawn petite that look really young but are well over 18. (if questionable, I make sure to include the source material that documents they are over 18)

Lolicon is an extreme gray area and is up to interpretation. However, I am very well aware that toddlercon is super against the rules nor do I look for it or post it, I am only aware that it exists.

Basically all my concerns are in terms of how the TOS revolves around hentai and fictional art.
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